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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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notification. open contested or closed base on the department whether self reported actions fulfill the recommendations. >> sfgtv can we get the overhead, the powerpoint presentation. there we go. >> i apologize. so as you note on the slides open recommendations has not been implemented, continue -- contested. they are not going to for various reasons due to lack of rer sources or they don't agree with the recommendation and the club has done what was needed for the recommendation. and no longer requirement. the follow up status is based on the department's responsiveness.
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recommendations can be active, open or closed active, no departmental response, as a result of that we'll continue to follow up up with the recommendations are closed even after a 24-month period. there is remaining or contested item within that particular audit and we are still concerned about it. generally in those terms we bring it to you, the board. close all recommendations filled and recommendations have passed the 2-year mark and we continue to follow up on the recommends to ensure the departments are complying. again as a reminder with our regular follow ups, we rely solely on the progress reported by the organization. we audit it. however in our field follow up audits we look
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at how they are followed up. and then we give information in greater detail. we followed up on over 500 over recommendation from 56 reports. we sent 71 request to departments for 64 follow ups because some reports and memos make recommendations to multiple departments which are tracked separately that is the discretion. this slide shows the department followed up to our request in the last year. most of our responses were on time. general, police
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services and mta and there were a couple departments that weren't as prompt. what we do with the department with the puc and department of public health, they are large departments demand recent months puc has been dealing with the disasters with the rim fire and the payroll has to be negotiated along with our union. >> they are just informing that there is another committee that is going to be to havecovered at 2:00. we are going to have to kick it into high gear. >> let's flip to a couple sides. they have asked the departments to come speak about several recommendations that
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have not been implemented and what they are doing. so forth and on to their department. how about if we go there? >> that sounds good. >> okay. okay. so we are going to look at highlights from our 2004 report and that report hat 28 recommendations. the audit found that leasing 6 parking garages to non-profit corporations was unnecessarily costly and had several recommendations to improve the department's management of those garage leases. two recommendations remain open in that subject matter. the audit found that the department needed to do more to ensure that it would comply with the
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requirements from the federal highway administration. five recommendations remain open on this particular matter and specifically the division that managed traffic signals and traffic marking had work that need to be addressed. the department did no preventative maintenance and signs and marking. the department did not have the appropriate tools in the system and plans in place to meet the requirements. the report also pointed out that if sf mta does not successfully implement the recommendations it risk losing federal funding and increasing the city's tort liability. sf is here to discuss this matter. >> von, do you think you can discuss it in a quick fashion. >> i will do it real quick.
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first i want to thank them for conducting the audit. we welcome the opportunity for improvement and we take the recommendations seriously. i think there is out of the 38 original recommendations there is 9 open and i think 6 of them was just mentioned by the csa on follow up. four of them relate specifically to the newly adopted federal guidelines for reflectivity on the signs because you want to be able to see them in the dark. it's unfunded mandate that every municipality in the country is grappling with and they do recognize that and they have a clause in the recommendation that you implement as over time, but even though there is a stated
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compliance date, it's prioritized by local agencies based on need and funding availability. i don't believe we'll be losing any funding over this, but we are very cognizant of the deadlines and taking it very seriously. one of the things we are doing is taking our data base of all the signs and converting it into a system where it becomes inventory control. we'll know exactly where all the 200,000 signs of all the cities and the age of them when they were installed. one of their methods that their federal government allows us to use is to either go out to the field with a device and measure the reflectivity of each sign which is labor intensive and not practical and you look at data as a proxy to see what we are using the age to sign as a
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proxy for the need for replacing the sign due to re flectivity. within the next week, we'll have the data converted. then from that point on, we'll be able to start using the data base to guide us towards reevaluating the signs. there is no risk of danger of massive collapse from the city from our vendor. the signs have a 12-year warrant and i emphasize they have a good state. >> that's good, because you heard from item no. 1. we have a lot of work to do. we could
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afford to lose any funding. thank you mr. yee. >> the next audit is for the adult probation department which has 21 recommendations. 30 are closed. we still have one open. one of the reasons we revisited this audit because because they had very serious findings. probation officers had excessive case loads. some probationers were receiving low levels and appropriately supervised probationers were week. as a result of the department going major changes due to the legislation we decided not audit. however they have made significant improvement and they are here to discuss that with you.
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>> chief, thank you for being here. please. >> i will be very brief. thank you very much chair cohen and supervisor campos. i really want to recognize the department's progress made. all 31 items are closed. i think it was amazing the progress we have made and i would like to recognize the staff of the department and special lau the management and the administrative team. we have created whole new reentry functions and done a lot over the last 4 years specifically targeted at correcting all the audit items in addition to the reform. the original audit in 2000 resulted in 31 recommendations and performance measurement and public , policies procedures and
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information tracking, reporting system, staffing and travenlth virtually every aspect of the department. as of september 12, '30 of the recommendations were closed recognized by the city auditor the last recommendation was related to a case standards management policy for supervision levels. what's happened in the last years with we've implemented a tracking system for clients and developed regular operational reports and an oversight committee was formed and we are in sync with what is in the status of the department. i know that sounds so small, but for our department it was big. in the history of the department over 100 years they never had a strategic plan and
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now we do. and produced the first annual report last years since 2008. these administrative things that are so important to tracking and managing the direction of the department, we also implemented a comprehensive revision of the department's policies and procedures which are 10-15 years old which are in partnership with uc berkeley and two-thirds are almost complete and a 30 more under the revision. we hired staff and developed training and we achieved 100 percent compliance for the last 4 years. every single employee of the department has received one. we received 100 percent compliance for training for correctional requirements for one staff. that is extremely difficult to do. implemented and risk and needs assess many. --
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assessment and using based practices. we developed risked base policies and currently upgraded to a new electronic management system that will replace the old one. all of these reforms have resulted in 2013 in july received the award for the american probation award which is as far as you can come from where we started out so many years ago with all the of these deficiencies. the city has realized the significant return on this investment. >> okay. two more. in 2013 the completion rate of 78 percent. 51 percent of our clients are ab 109 clients are completing their 12-month supervision
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satisfactory. the average jail population has decreased by 35 percent from 1954 to 1267 during the time of realignment with over 700 individuals having been realigned. the average population is a $35 million annual reduction to the city and county of san francisco. >> thank you. we'll call another hearing for all of those successful status that you just covered. the last one? >> the final audit was the business enterprise program. 11 which are closed one is still open and the remaining open recommends as the contract monitoring to investigate the needs for sanctions in the
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three contracts covered by the audit. the audit found three contractors used for in eligible for the status and the contract monitoring division is here to discuss those. >> okay. where is the person? there she is. if you can just specifically just talk about it. >> thank you. i know it's late. we've actually implemented, we had a tracking system in 1997. that tracking system went way in 2009. we have not had a tracking system sense them. i took over the monitoring system. we started looking at all the issues that we brought forward on the audit and we addressed those issues. what we found out is, we have jurisdiction on 14b is our
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contractor for not following up the practices. we manually did an intensive investigation. and what we found was that there were some personnel issues that happened at these two dements. departments. >> in one sentence can you give me an occasion about why the program went away? >> the program did not. it was the tracking. it was the decision that was not to have it anymore. >> who made that decision? >> i believe it was the x director at that time at 2009. we can go into detail as to what happened. >> we don't have time. >> but now we instituted a new tracking system that began with contracts advertised after july 2013 which is going to assist staff with day-to-day revenue
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review. with this particular audit what we found after extensive research and in coordination, what we found. we conducted an extensive training with 62 project managers at this department. and we trained them specifically on what they can and can't do in order to enforce the ordinance. we did this after the csa submitted the report to you. we had discussed this with the csa. that was what we had decided to do is actually do an extensive training to the department personnel. >> thank you for sitting 32 --
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through an entire hearing. that is appreciated. i would like to talk to you afterwards. please come up and finish. >> i am done. >> i would like to open public comment for item no. 3. no public comment. public comment is closed. supervisor campos would you like to say anything? >> i would like to thank you for the work and all the three agencies for their response. it's exciting to see that this is taken very seriously, so thank you very much. >> thank you. the department should feel very good about themselves for all the things that they have accomplished in a short period of time. so seeing that public comment is closed. mr. campos, could i entertain a motion from you to continue this item to the call of the chair? >> so moved to continue to the call of the chair. >> thank you, this passes
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unanimously. madam clerk are there any other items? >> no other items to discuss. >> thank you, this meeting is adjourned. thank you everyone. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >> >> equal good afternoon,
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everybody and thank you for being here to witness and a celebrate the signing of dues process for all ordinance in san
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francisco. and first, i'd like to commend supervisor avalos for your work supervisor in bringing this important legislation to this body before the board and public. i want to thank all the other supervisors as a role wholly know they spent a lot of time on this to think about the changes we're macro and i especially want to give a particular things to tang and kim for oh, amendments it strengthened the ordinance itself. i also want to give a very strong thank you it the numerous agencies about public safety but the cabinet rights ease the cabinet advocates many are in the room today including the
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groups that xhiepsz is rights committee i had the opportunity to hear the stories of victim who were getting tangled up with icing detainers for trying to cooperate with our police department. i'm also glad to have our police chief and he also is the first chief in the state of california to support assemblyman trust act which all of you has been signed by governor brown. thousands of our members of our limited english and immigrant community, in fact, all our commensurate's live in fear of did he portion and they've mistrusted the system. so this is a message i want to send by the signing of this
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ordinance and i'm speaking to our immigrant communities that's it's safe absolutely save to call the police if you're a victim or witness to a crime. everyone knows we need to stand against s come we also retain some local flexibility to deal with violent felons and while we compromised on that aspect of it and understood how complicated that was that perhaps we had points of view on we never lost sight of getting rid of s came. so we do what i think other government's should do we found
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the common ground and that's why i'm proud to be signing this ordinance. i'd like to take p the opportunity to invite supervisor avalos what it's meant to him but basing also to the rest of the city. thank you, mr. mayor. and i want to thank you for your work on this legislation. we met in early august to discuss this item and i was very impressed with how much you thought about the issue and what the city is facing and the immigrant in inform and around this country is facing with the s come system. your well, with our staff. i want to thank law enforcement as well as for your input in contrast this legislation and
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thank you sheriff and the police departments who helped craft this legislation. i most of all, i didn't bring this legislation forward as the defense economy did interest i represent a district about 50 percent of usor foreign-born so some people on the street have experience with immigration that are really unfair to the contributions they're making in san francisco but the organizing that was good morning and the conversation was very, very strong and actually passing this legislation and doing the advocacy puts you tell u us at a higher level to protect immigrants. and the relationship we build between government and community will strengthen our police efforts to make us safer. and most of all, i want to thank
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people like nellie who got entangled as a victim and later spent 8 months facing deportation procedures. no one should have to have fear of calling the police wondering if they're going to get deported. people should be able to come forward as witnesses or victims and this legislation helps that happen. as the mayor said no one here should have any fear again if you're immigrant call the police whether you're a victim or witness. i want to thank the colleagues. i do want to thank supervisor kim for helping to bring forward amendments we worked all agree on to move forward this
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legislation. everyone are regardless of our citizenship status should have due process and it's a constitutional right and it's the fifth amendment of our constitution and we here in san francisco uphold that and we say that our values should drive our values. thank you, mr. mayor. look forward to your signing this legislation (clapping) there it is, done (clapping)
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